We are dedicated to working to the very highest standards of customer service. The LifeSecure Promise is an integral part of our efforts to build long term relationships with our clients and is made up of a number of elements described below.

We promise to try our very best to find the best plan for you both in terms of price and level of cover.

We promise to continuously scan the market for better deals on your behalf. We are not here to simply arrange your plan and then move on to the next customer. We want to build a personal relationship with you on a long term basis. If insurers have reduced their prices or an improved level of cover has become available, we will inform you on your next review so that we can help you take advantage of the very best deals in an ever changing market.

We promise to do our very best to better any deal you are offered anywhere else in the industry. LifeSecure will use our extensive network with insurance providers to get you the best price we possibly can.

We promise to value you as an individual with a view to building a long term relationship with you. We want to become your point of contact for insurance products related to your life, health and home and aim to do this by advising you in accordance with the highest standards of protection advice.

We believe all of our clients should be in a position where they can plan their financial future accurately, that’s why virtually all of the plans we arrange are based on a guaranteed premiums unless you request an increasing plan. This means the monthly premium will not increase for the duration of the agreement.

* Subject to terms and conditions. Speak to our expert advisors for more information.

Our Family Protection Plans are built on what is called “Term Insurance”. This allows you to pay a monthly amount for a set period – say 20 years. If you die during this time, your policy will pay out a lump sum. We use two distinct types of Family Protection depending on your specific needs.

With this option your policy will pay out a tax free lump sum to your family. LifeSecure will advise you on the correct amount of cover for you by taking into account your mortgage, family living expenses, funeral costs and a variety of other options from which you can choose. A lump sum payment provides security as well as flexibility to your family to use the funds according to their investment needs at the time.

Depending on your particular circumstances it may be suitable to arrange a monthly tax free payment to your family after you are gone. You can arrange for regular help with long term expenses such as school and university fees or provide cover for your children while they grow up. Complex investment decisions can be avoided and you can maintain the sense of normality with respect to the family income.

LifeSecure can arrange a combination of lump sum and regular payments. This provides the best of both options – a lump sum followed by regular income for your family.

As part of the LifeSecure Promise all of our plans come with a guaranteed premium. This means after you take a policy we promise to NEVER increase your monthly insurance premium unless you specifically ask us to change the terms of your policy. Additionally we will constantly scan the market and if we find that we can bring your premium down, we will contact you to let you know that we can save you even more.

Family Protection is specifically designed to cover the full range of your family expenses such as household bills, childcare, school fees and household shopping. To ensure that your family and their home is fully protected we can combine our Family Protection plans with our Mortgage Protection plans. You may also want to consider circumstances where you are diagnosed with an illness, or suffer an injury that means you can’t continue to work. In the current tough economic climate you may be concerned about your ability to pay your mortgage should you be unable to work due to illness. Our advisors can inform you on how to combine Family Protection plans with Income Protection and Critical Illness Protection plans.

LifeSecure – Why Choose Us?

  • Quality - Each stage of your application process is quality checked to ensure you have the right policy for you and your family. Our reputation is important to us and we will never do anything that harms it.

  • Independence - We understand how important your family is to you and will always do our very best to help you look after them by offering the most accurate advice, independent of any particular insurer. Our business is built on your trust.

  • Peace of Mind - LifeSecure was founded on the ethics of maximising our customer’s abilities to a successful claim. We prioritise the most comprehensive policies available. When you buy with us, you can buy with confidence.

  • Expert Advice - We have a FREE callback service, a friendly advisor will call you back and use our extensive industry knowledge to put together a plan to suit your individual circumstances. We are always happy to help with your queries.

  • UK Call Centre - We have local rate phone numbers so you can contact us whenever you need our assistance. We stay close to our customers so that we can better understand your requirements and offer products that will really make a difference to you. Our aim is to build a strong long term relationship with you.