LifeSecure Corporate Protection plans allow you to attract, retain and incentivise the best talent in your sector. We specialise in helping SME businesses align their employee development goals with their corporate strategy.

The core strength of any business is their employees. We know that attracting the best talent is therefore at the top of your business priorities. At LifeSecure we have a deep understanding of that and specialise in helping SME enterprises to build benefits packages for their employees that incentive and help retain the skills in your firm. By partnering with LifeSecure to provide a range of benefits for your firm you will have chosen to work with people who appreciate the challenge of today’s economic climate for the SME sector while recognising that the opportunity to grow still exists for those willing to think – and act laterally.

A dedicated LifeSecure Corporate Account Manager is available to advise you on policy options and the best packages in the market. Alternatively please contact us and ask for our Corporate Division.

Our Family Protection Plans are built on what is called “Term Insurance”. This allows you to pay a monthly amount for a set period – say 20 years. If you die during this time, your policy will pay out a lump sum. We use two distinct types of Family Protection depending on your specific needs.

With this option your policy will pay out a tax free lump sum to your family. LifeSecure will advise you on the correct amount of cover for you by taking into account your mortgage, family living expenses, funeral costs and a variety of other options from which you can choose. A lump sum payment provides security as well as flexibility to your family to use the funds according to their investment needs at the time.

Depending on your particular circumstances it may be suitable to arrange a monthly tax free payment to your family after you are gone. You can arrange for regular help with long term expenses such as school and university fees or provide cover for your children while they grow up. Complex investment decisions can be avoided and you can maintain the sense of normality with respect to the family income.

LifeSecure can arrange a combination of lump sum and regular payments. This provides the best of both options – a lump sum followed by regular income for your family.

As part of the LifeSecure Promise all of our plans come with a guaranteed premium. This means after you take a policy we promise to NEVER increase your monthly insurance premium unless you specifically ask us to change the terms of your policy. Additionally we will constantly scan the market and if we find that we can bring your premium down, we will contact you to let you know that we can save you even more.

Family Protection is specifically designed to cover the full range of your family expenses such as household bills, childcare, school fees and household shopping. To ensure that your family and their home is fully protected we can combine our Family Protection plans with our Mortgage Protection plans. You may also want to consider circumstances where you are diagnosed with an illness, or suffer an injury that means you can’t continue to work. In the current tough economic climate you may be concerned about your ability to pay your mortgage should you be unable to work due to illness. Our advisors can inform you on how to combine Family Protection plans with Income Protection and Critical Illness Protection plans.